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Mitchell John Filby​

Mitchell has an extensive and balanced career that encapsulates the corporate, private and non-for-profit sectors across a variety of vertical markets and industry sectors including the establishment of innovation incubators and venture labs. He has held and continues to hold senior level executive roles as well as board level roles across a range of these industry sectors both in Australia as well as the United States.

Today Mitchell’s spends allot of his time working with small business (start-up’s) entrepreneurs, SMB owners through to CXO’s from many of the large enterprise and government organisations. His insights provide these businesses with the tools, knowledge and learning to better validate, test and accelerate the process of commercialising innovation.

Through First Rock Consulting a business Mitchell founded over 10 years ago they have developed an impeccable and highly reputable strategy, innovation, digital transformation and technology commercialisation practice.

First Rock Consulting provides strategic insight coupled with innovation, commercialisation and digitisation to help businesses and industry groups more effectively deliver on current business plans while testing and transitioning to future business models.

To achieve this Mitchell has developed a practical approach that is framed in an agile innovation methodology that helps validate and test product and business model solutions, while at the same time reducing their exposure to financial risk.

All this experience and insight is founded through Mitchell’s academic background of his MBA where he majored in Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship.

Mitchell is also an author, global speaker, publisher, business and industry journalist, business analyst, business mentor and coach as well as an avid serial entrepreneur.

Mitchell currently maintains board directorships for a non-for-profit global association headed out of the United States as well as SEVENmile a non-for-profit social enterprise Innovation Venture Lab operated in Sydney Australia.

We help clients solve business problems, overcome business challenges and help customers think differently.

The Vision and our Position of being ahead of the wave is why FRC is a forward thinking leader in Strategy, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Commercial Market & Technology Development and Business Advisory.

We are experts at calibrating a rapidly changing market and its overall potential because of this we are more effective in de-risking the risk for our clients.

Being ahead of the wave gives you some big advantages

First Rock Consulting want to give you that unfair advantage by keeping you ahead of the wave.